Al Baker

Online Marketing Consultant
My undergraduate degree was in conventional marketing. In March of 2002 I was hired to be THE Marketing Department for a small ($10 million in annual revenues) global software company. Working in high-tech pushed me to learn all about online marketing, so in a little over 5 years I had become an expert in a few things and knowledgeable in several.

After being purchased by a larger company I became the Marketing Manager and was in charge of our global Web presence. We presented our Web site in five languages and I was tasked with producing qualified leads for 15-20 salespeople around the world. I managed an annual promotions budget of around $250,000 which included running GoogleAds, sponsoring electronic newsletters, and other online advertising. In a highly competitive industry we had 30-40 #1-3 Google rankings in very important keyword phrases. By the time I left our revenues were over $150 million and our Web site was our primary lead generation tool.

I became an SEO expert, attended the international SEO conference in New York City, and participated in numerous online marketing research Webcasts. Among the specific software packages and topics I am familiar with:

  • Press Releases
  • Custom Web Apps
  • ColdFusion, HTML, PHP, Javascript, asp.NET
  • WebTrends - Enterprise Edition
  • Google analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • SalesForce
  • Now I do full-time consulting and Web site work. I like helping small companies and small business owners that cannot afford to have a Marketing Department. I serve several larger companies in a consulting role, and only run GoogleAds for others.

    While my expertise is online marketing, I have several highly qualified colleagues who work with me: a very talented graphic artist, a conventional sales and marketing consultant with over 15 years of C-level corporate experience, a project manager with almost 20 years of corporate experience, and a highly-skilled programmer who writes Web apps, can build a custom database shopping cart, or most any application you need.

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