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My undergraduate degree was in conventional marketing. In 2002 I was hired to be THE Marketing Department with one other guy for a small ($10 million in annual revenues) global software company. This was when the internet really started booming, so I had to quickly learn everything I could about marketing online.

After being purchased by a larger company I became the Marketing Manager and was in charge of our global Web presence. We presented in five languages and tasked with producing qualified leads for 15-20 salespeople around the world. We had a budget of around $250,000: this included $6k-$10k monthly in GoogleAds, eNewsletters, live webcasts, and other online advertising...and we had GREAT Google rankings. By the time I left we had revenues over $150 million and our web site was the primary lead generation tool.

I have been an independent online consultant since 2008. I like helping small companies and small business owners that cannot afford to have a Marketing Department.

Stephanie Hidalgo
Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Help:
Stephanie Hidalgo

I will manage your digital marketing efforts so you can focus on running your business.

I will conduct a full social media audit, benchmark for current positions, identify key areas for improvement, and develop content for consistent and ongoing communications.

My role is to increase engagement to your platforms from existing customers and connections, and draw in new contacts into your audience - to drive conversions through organic & paid activity.