Al Baker (ABConsulting)

My undergraduate degree was in conventional marketing. In March of 2002 I was hired to be THE Marketing Department with one other guy for a small ($10 million in annual revenues) global software company. This was when the internet really started booming, so in a little over 5 years I had become an expert in a few things and knowledgeable in several.

After being purchased by a larger company I became the Marketing Manager and was in charge of our global Web presence. We presented our Web site in five languages and I was tasked with producing qualified leads for 15-20 salespeople around the world. This included a budget of around $250,000 which included $6k-$8k per month in GoogleAds, sponsoring electronic newsletters, live webcasting seminars and other online advertising. In a highly competitive industry we had 30-40 #1-3 Google rankings in very important keyword phrases. By the time I left our revenues were over $150 million and our web site was the primary lead generation tool.

I attended the SEO "expert" track at the international SEO conference in New York City, and participated in numerous online marketing research Webcasts with Marketing Experiments and Dr. Flint McGlaughlin.

I have been doing online consulting and Web site work since 2008. I like helping small companies and small business owners that cannot afford to have a Marketing Department.

Sirran Wilkes - Social Media Marketing

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Sirran has been working in the marketing field for over twenty years, working across all platforms of "traditional" and social media. Sirran has worked in several industries including automotive, property management, non-profits, print media, radio and television.

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