Troy Community Church - Troy, AL, Assemblies of God Church

TO: Members of TCC

Just a quick note for everyone. I will be leaving in the morning to attend my friend's funeral just north of Houston.

I will be back on Thursday.
I will be on the road tomorrow and again on Thursday - call me if you want/need to talk with me.

Wednesday at the funeral, and until late afternoon I will not be answering my phone. I welcome your prayers as I hope to get opportunity to be the voice of Jesus to those in sorrow.

I think we have entered a welcomed season of grace and growth. I am very proud of our church for how we have stuck together during some difficult times...and some difficult relational trials.

I mentioned to Jan, our newest visitor, [who has now been with us 3-4 weeks in a row with her granddaughter] how special it is to me that she has continued to come back when "the pastor" was "home" in Texas. Her response?

"I just love this church. When I walk into the church I feel such peace. The Lord is here."

She went on to say how friendly and welcoming our church is.

If that doesn't light your fire...your wood is wet!

My buddy Scott really liked our service as well.
Please keep Tina and Frank in prayer.
Ask the Lord to give me safe travels!

Al B.

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