Customer EyePath and
Customer Funnel

Studies have shown that you have 7 seconds to get the attention of the average visitor on your Web site. You have to grab their attention AND get them to do what YOU want them to do.

  • Make sales
  • Generate leads
  • Get e-mail addresses
  • Visitors to your Web site subconsciously want to be led through your site. These same studies show that the average Web site visitor follows a consistent eyepath. On the right you can see the typical eyepath:
    Web visitors look first at the top lefthand side of the page (where your logo is expected), then scan across the page to the right on a 30% angle.

    You need to construct your site with this eyepath in mind.

    Customer Funnel
    You have to know WHAT you want your visitors to do - then design your page to "guide" them in that direction, otherwise known as your customer funnel. We try to help my clients focus on having a good customer funnel - it should guide your visitors without them really knowing it - kind of like the unconscious soothing affect of plants in an office.

    We can HELP you get ROI on your site.

    The red line below illustrates the "typical" Eyepath a visitor will travel on your web site:

    Web Site Eyepath and Customer Funnel

    Since hiring ABConsulting our website leads have increased five-fold. We went from spending a few thousand dollars per month on a yellow page ad to having almost ALL leads coming from our web site. Al Baker understands that it is not about how pretty the web site looks but how effective it is at getting paying customers to call us.

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