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Website Editing and Maintenance Raleigh NC

Web Site Edits
If you have a web site that you cannot edit, OR even basic edits take too long and frustrate you or your administrator...Call me - I can Edit Any Website!

I have been editing webpages and web sites for over 10 years.
I have worked on: PHP, asp.NET, straight HTML, Javascript and even ColdFusion!

I have worked on Content Management Systems (CMS) of all types: asp.NET, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Yahoo SiteBuilder, GoDaddy Web Site Tonight, Volusion and other shopping cart CMS packages. I have not seen a web site/webpage editor that I could not figure out.

Web Site Maintenance Raleigh NC
I have several companies that use my services to do their basic web site maintenance (two of these are shown on the right). These companies do not have a web content editor or a webmaster on their payroll - it makes better financial sense to pay me monthly for editing. The web site editing I typically do includes: content writing/editing, graphics (design, creation and/or edits), code editing and layout edits.

Call me for a price quote. I typically work on an hourly rate, but I do have a few clients who use my editing services enough that we use a monthly rate. I usually charge $50/hour for basic editing - more if it requires coding in your templates or graphics creation - less it is really just content edits.

Other Sites I Maintain:
Industrial Solutions ( - Houston, TX
Animals Be Gone ( - Durham, NC
Entry-Master ( - Baltimore, MD
The Three Tinters ( - Atlanta, GA
Bridge2Sports ( - Durham, NC
Brytons Home Improvement ( - Cary, NC

Website Editing Raleigh NC | Web Site Maintenance Raleigh NC
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