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SEO Services for Small Businesses - Chico

Small business owners MUST get value for their money. I specialize in providing affordable and effective SEO services for small businesses. I have several clients in California!

No SEO company can guarantee you results! BUT you can call on my clients - they will tell you the results they have seen from my SEO Services. I know how to get results and I can do it for LESS than many SEO companies charge. How? I work by myself - I am a small business owner just like you! I do ALL my own work - I answer my phone and my e-mail...almost every single call almost every single day.

SEO Myths and Selling Points
Many SEO companies and contractors will try to convince you that certain things MUST be done for you to gain solid Google rankings. I have doubted many of these SEO "experts" and over the years have proven many of these SEO tasks are simply NOT as critical as some would have you believe. I specialize in SEO services for small businesses - I want the small business owner to get the same benefits as the big companies that are paying $1,000's for SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization Factors that do NOT Matter
Here are a few factors that many/most SEO companies and consultants will tell you are critical:
- Alexa rank
- Backlinks
- Google Page Rank
- Social Media

I can show you client sites that are ranking on the first page, getting plenty of traffic AND business from their site - Yet, I do NOT concentrate on ANY of these particular SEO tasks above.

A Few ABConsulting Clients in California:
Small Business SEO Services-Towing Hauling Southern California  Affordable Small Business SEO Welding Machines California  Affordable Small Business SEO Construction California  Affordable SEO Services Engineering California

BACKLINKS for your site - Chico
What about backlinks? Many SEO companies and experts will try to sell you various packages for building backlinks. I have never believed backlinking to be critical and my client sites prove that I am correct.

I think backlinks can HURT your Google Rankings
I have seen several WordPress sites ruined by using the RSS feeds and auto-linking tools. Just don't mess with backlinking schemes.

Susan Moskwa,
Google Webmaster Trends Analyst
On why PageRank has been removed from Google's Webmaster Toolbar..

"We've been telling people for a long time that they shouldn't focus on PageRank so much; many site owners seem to think it's the most important metric for them to track, which is simply not true."

PageRank is just NOT that important!


  • Google's job is to provide THE best search engine
  • it is not Google's job to help YOU make money
  • Google has well over 150 people with PhD's working full-time on their search engine
  • You should concentrate on making your web site THE best source for information on your business

I have numerous clients with excellent Google rankings.
I know how to gain solid Google rankings.
Call me and let's Get Your Momentum Going!
Small Business SEO - Chico

Affordable Small Business SEO Services Chico
Affordable Small Business SEO Services Chico

Over six years old but you can still follow this client's Google rankings in this video! D & J Seamless Gutters

Al Baker, SEO Expert
I have numerous clients with great Google rankings. I KNOW how to HELP you get better Google rankings.

I will not urge you to spend $$$ on the "new" shiny SEO promise unless I have some evidence that it will bring you RE$ULT$.
Small Business SEO Services - California
Affordable SEO Company Chico
Affordable SEO Company Chico
Affordable SEO Company Chico
Affordable SEO Company Chico
Affordable SEO Company Chico
Affordable SEO Company Chico
Affordable SEO Company Chico
Affordable SEO Company Chico
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