ABConsulting are masters at getting me at the top of Google rankings. Through their efforts of press releases, timing, Adwords, SEO, and creative writing skill I have grown to the point where I am spending more time in the hiring function...

Lee Smoak
President-Owner of Craftsman Direct

Marketing Strategy and ROI

It's All About ROI - Making Sales
You can have the most beautiful Web site on the planet, but if nobody sees it - you have wasted your time and money. If your site is not making money or bringing you qualified leads - you need to make some changes - You need to get a Return On Investment from your site.

Your Web site is your most valuable marketing tool - you need to develop a solid marketing strategy that includes your Web site. Building Web presence requires a disciplined approach. You need a monthly budget for Web marketing and you need to spend that budget wisely, measuring the results.

Studies have shown that you have 7 seconds to get the attention of the average visitor on your Web site. The average Web site visitor follows a consistent eyepath.
Learn more about customer eyepath.

Customer Funnel
You have to know WHAT you want your visitors to do - then design your page to "guide" them in that direction - you need a good customer funnel.
Learn more about developing a customer funnel.

Web Site Statistics
Mark Twain popularized the saying,
"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics."
It is true - you can make statistics say just about anything you want. BUT, EVERY Web site should have Google analytics - it is FREE and Helpful.
Learn more about why/how Web analytics is important.

We can HELP you get ROI on your site.