Affordable Website Design

We can build you a basic Web site for $100's, not $1,000's.
We have flexible pricing options :

  • basic 3-4 page site -   $500 - $1,000
  • basic SEO, initial phase (optimized for Google) - add $300
    The price range depends on how many photos/graphics you need and whether you need me to design a logo. You can see some of the logo designs I have provided below.

    Responsive WebSite Templates
    Take a look at our newest client sites built with a codebase that makes your site responsive - it dynamically changes to fit a mobile device...OR a separate mobile site can be built - both are effective.

    VW Construction
    Homewood Cabins

    A custom template will cost a bit more, but we can do just about anything you want.

    Just Remember: a good web site does not have to be full of bells and whistles - a good web site should bring you more business!

  • Website Logos

    A web site design always starts with a logo: color, lettering scheme,etc.
    I do not claim to be a graphic artist or a designer, but most of my clients are not looking for artistic perfection - just a decent looking logo at a decent price. Here are a few logos I have designed for client web sites.