Affordable SEO Services for
Small Business in Winston Salem

No SEO company can guarantee you the top spot on Google, but there are very specific things that can be done to get your site better Google rankings - on the first page of Google for important keywords. I can HELP you get rankings on Google in the Winston Salem area and using other local areas as well if your business is local.

Affordable SEO for Small Business in Winston Salem TX Affordable SEO for Small Business in Winston Salem TX
If your business is local, watch the video below. This will show you the method I use to gain solid SEO rankings for a local company - I have been successful with dozens of businesses - I can do it for your small business in Winston Salem! I serve as the SEO company for clients in several states - I can get results for your business.

Read the client references on the right of this page (or our Client Reference page). These are all small business owners who can tell you firsthand how I have helped them get better search engine rankings, increase the traffic to their site, and make more sales.

Affordable SEO for Local Companies in Winston Salem
My method works. It has worked over and over again for local small business owners AND my rates are affordable - Call me and find out.
I do SEO in phases. It typically takes 2-3 months to gain solid SEO results. To get your site on the first page of Google for several keyword phrases can happen quickly, but you must be prepared for it to take some time. Having said this, I usually get visible results within 30 days. You can call my customers - most of them will tell you.

Affordable SEO Company - Contractor Winston Salem
We wanted to ramp up our organic rankings on Google and not depend so much on Google Adwords, so we called on Al Baker and ABConsulting to assist us with SEO. Our sales have been great for three years now. Thanks Al!
S. Green, Owner - The Three Tinters

ABConsulting are masters at getting me at the top of Google rankings.
Lee Smoak, Craftsman Direct

Most SEO companies want you to pay $1,000's monthly - I offer affordable SEO services. I will work within your budget - tell me what YOU can afford and I will do what I can within that budget. I do ALL the work - nothing is factored out to India or Russia - this is what most SEO companies are doing now.
And...I answer my phone!

My clients know that I am going to help them with:
- Consistent Press Releases
- Web Site Maintenance and Content Edits
- Promotional Images and Coupon Design
- SEO (Search Engine Presence) to Drive Business
- Web Traffic and Sales Metrics - Tracking

Strategic Keywords for Winston Salem
I begin by using a formula that I have developed over the last 10 years - I want to find the most strategic keywords for your site. Keywords that get searched, but that are not being used as much by the competition - Let's Get Ranked with These Keywords Now!

There are other things I hear from SEO companies: backlinking, social media, page ranking, etc. I think you can waste a lot of time and money chasing after these and many other things. I have top Google rankings on pages with terrible page ranking numbers and NO backlinks. Keyword density, page relevance, and backlinks through doing press releases - these things work and are not so expensive. Good content is the key to affordable SEO and solid Google rankings.

An Integrated Marketing Strategy in Winston Salem
A good marketing strategy for any company should include:

  • Consistent SEO
  • Web Analytics
  • PPC - GoogleAds
  • E-mail Outreach
  • Consistent Press Releases
  • Industry Digital Advertising
  • Trade Shows

I realize that many small business owners cannot implement ALL of these marketing techniques, but you should do what you can and measure everything you do. Good use of web analytics can help you track your leads/sales - this is critical for measuring what is working. I can help your small business get your marketing off the ground.

SEO Services in North Carolina
Affordable SEO Company Winston Salem
Affordable SEO Company Winston Salem
Affordable SEO Company Winston Salem
Affordable SEO Company Winston Salem
Affordable SEO Company Winston Salem
Affordable SEO Company - Cary NC
Small Business SEO Company - Durham NC
Affordable SEO Services - Fayetteville NC
SEO Services Company - Greensboro NC
Affordable SEO Company - Raleigh NC
ABConsulting is located near Temple, Texas (just south of Waco) and services as the SEO company for small businesses in Central Texas, Dallas and Houston, Baltimore, Atlanta, Harrisburg PA, all across North Carolina and Southern California. I can certainly help your business in the Winston Salem area.

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ABConsulting helped us get ranked on Google. Al Baker told me he could get us ranked quickly, but it happened faster than I would have imagined possible! We are getting more calls and the walk-ins have been picking up...

Amanda Street, Owner/Manager

Al Baker (ABConsulting) has become part of our team. We collaborate on ideas and he puts those ideas into a web site that sells our brand and equipment...AND we do not have to wait weeks for a project to be completed.

David Carr, International Sales

ABConsulting are masters at getting me at the top of Google rankings. Through their efforts of press releases, timing, Adwords, SEO, and creative writing skill I have grown to the point where I am spending more time in the hiring function...

Lee Smoak
President-Owner of Craftsman Direct

ABConsulting is fair and gets my work done quickly. When I need to get changes done on my web sites I do not have to worry about it taking days or weeks.
Al also helps with design and online marketing decisions. I have recommended ABConsulting to several business friends.

Steve Carver, President

ABC Team

Al Baker

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We answer our phones!
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